Wind Tunnel Models & Testing

Wind Tunnel Models & Testing

AeroTEC’s team of specialized engineers use advanced design and simulation tools to develop, fabricate, instrument and test highly complex wind tunnel models for a variety of applications.

Wind Tunnel Model Design

AeroTEC has extensive experience designing and building wind tunnel models of varying complexity to meet customer requirements. AeroTEC has designed and built models for development as well as certification testing. We work closely with our customers to provide solutions based on their testing and certification requirements, in addition to meeting tight budget and schedule goals. Our engineers implement a variety of materials and manufacturing processes to find the best balance between production cost, speed of manufacturing and accuracy through 3D printing & precision machining.

AeroTEC’s wind tunnel models are designed for rapid configuration changes, and if needed can include powered control surfaces or powered motors for propulsion system effects. Many of our design engineers have also lead test programs and understand the need for model designs that support efficient testing.

Wind Tunnel Testing & Program Management

AeroTEC can provide more than just model design and fabrication – we can offer additional value by creating test plans, managing test programs and coordinating with wind tunnel facilities on behalf of our customers. Our engineers have built strong relationships with wind tunnels across the US and can recommend facilities based on customer and testing needs. Additionally, our design engineers can provide mid-test manufacturing support as well as data analysis of test results as needed.

Some of the tests we regularly conduct include:

Low Speed

  • Stability & Control
  • Drag Increments
  • High Lift Development
  • Simulation Database Development

High Speed

  • Transonic Effects
  • Supersonic Configurations
  • Shock Wave Interactions

To help our customers reduce cost, especially for tests traditionally conducted in expensive high-speed tunnels, we can perform CFD analysis using our advanced simulation tools to evaluate preliminary designs and allow for more focused wind tunnel testing to verify results and refine the final design. To learn more about our advanced simulation capabilities, click here.

Taking Testing Further

At AeroTEC, we work to keep your project on time and on budget. We also know you demand perfection. Contact us to learn how our in-house capabilities allow us to offer the benefits of wind tunnel testing in your budget.