Wind Tunnel and Ice Shape Services

Wind Tunnel and Ice Shape Services

At AeroTEC, we understand computer simulations only get you so far. You need to test and validate your product in real-world scenarios. However, some of those scenarios don’t allow for easy, affordable or, in some cases, safe testing opportunities. That’s where our wind tunnel and ice shape services come in. Working with scale and full-size models, we help successfully test your product in aerodynamic and icing scenarios.

AeroTEC’s highly experienced test engineers lead model design, fabrication, test program planning and management to help ensure successful testing and data analysis, on time and on budget.

Wind Tunnel

Wind tunnel testing is an integral part of proper design and certification, but is sometimes overlooked due to time constraints or cost. AeroTEC’s tools and engineering expertise make this essential step feasible with our ability to rapidly design and manufacture wind tunnel models in house, then directly test our customers’ concepts.

From aerodynamic OML shapes to de-icing systems, we cost-effectively design and manufacture wind tunnel models for nearly any wind tunnel facility. Our models are designed to allow for rapid configuration changes and can include pressure ports, hinge moments, powered control surfaces, thrust effects, and custom instrumentation as needed.

Also, as a part of our full-service support, we manage all wind tunnel facility reservations, transportation and testing, ensuring a smooth certification process.

Ice Shape Services

Even the best aerodynamic shape loses effectiveness when ice forms and changes the aerodynamic surface. As a part of the testing and certification process, AeroTEC provides full service ice shape design, analysis and testing. Our services include artificial ice shape development, ice shape testing, natural icing testing, and certification of de-icing systems. We utilize STAR-CCM+ and NASA LEWICE 2D and 3D ice accreditation analysis to ensure thorough data collection and presentation.

Whether conducted in-house or through other facilities, we manage the entire process to help ensure timely and budget-wise completion.

Taking Testing Further

At AeroTEC, we work to keep your project on time and on budget. We also know you demand perfection. Contact us to learn how our in-house capabilities allow us to offer the benefits of wind tunnel and ice shape testing in your budget.