Testing the Limits

At AeroTEC, we know carefully planned and executed testing saves valuable time and money. Our world-class skills, tools, and processes are specifically designed to test aviation products to certification standards, and are scalable to your needs. Whether you have a new component modification, a whole new new aircraft design, or anything between, we put it to the test for you. From our detailed planning processes, test equipment design, and instrumentation installation expertise to our proprietary flight test software, highly skilled flight test flight and ground crews, and data capture and analysis capabilities, AeroTEC helps ensure your project moves swiftly to market on budget.

Instrumentation Services

Testing requires specialized and ultra-accurate instrumentation designed to capture precise data. Our vast range of the latest digital and analog instruments helps ensure efficient and detailed data collection.

Flight Test Execution

From test planning and scheduling to execution, management, and chase aircraft, our highly experienced testing engineers and pilots plan and execute every aspect of detailed flight tests designed to ensure the most accurate data for certification.

Telemetry & Data Services

We offer full telemetry, aircraft tracking, and data monitoring services during testing, and not just at our facility. Our mobile telemetry trailer enables us to travel anywhere for optimal testing conditions.

Program Management

We know the process from design to certification can be daunting. We work with you every step of the way, managing your project from engineering and testing right through data analysis, documentation, reporting, and certification.

Wind Tunnel Models & Testing

Our state-of-the-art facilities include software and tools to design intricate wind tunnel models for testing, allowing for cost-effective and safe fluid and aerodynamic testing and data collection.

Qualification Testing

Prior to final production, testing, and acceptance, we conduct comprehensive qualification testing to verify your product’s design and manufacturing process, ensure qualifications are met, and provide a baseline for subsequent testing.


Our teams manage every aspect of testing, including managing all the logistics from flight plans, international trip planning and airspace coordination to contracting fuel, setting up transportation, and managing ground support.

Aircraft Services

Truly one-stop, our maintenance, dispatch, and program management teams oversee all the ground support needs for your tests, from maintenance, ground support and aircraft leasing to dispatch, airspace coordination, and trip planning logistics.