Test Logistics and Dispatch

AeroTEC teams work with the airport, FAA, and managers of local flight test areas, scheduling test times, ground test locations, offsite facilities, and routes and altitudes for flight test to ensure smooth operations in the air. Our full flight operations, ground coordination and dispatch team help prepare for the test and flights seeing to every detail, then stepping in to manage coordination and flight following during tests.


  • Operational Flight Plans
  • Flight Weather Packages (Text Weather, Graphical Weather, NOTAMs)
  • International Trip Planning (Overflight and Landing permits, Customs, Electronic Advanced Passenger Information Systems (eAPIS filing)
  • Navigational Fees
  • Landings Rights (PPR, Slots)
  • Contract Fuel
  • Ground Handling Requirements
  • Flight Following
  • Airspace Coordination
  • Catering
  • Hotels/Airfare/Rental Cars
  • Transportation


  • Email: dispatch@nullaerotec.com
  • Phone: 509-361-1051

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