Telemetry &
Data Services

Custom, Efficient, and Mobile Telemetry and Data Service Solutions

AeroTEC provides the full range of telemetry and data services required during flight test. In addition to two telemetry rooms at our Moses Lake facility, we also operate a mobile telemetry trailer, enabling us to travel anywhere in North America where optimal flight test conditions exist.

We understand efficient flight test operations demand powerful, reliable data acquisition software. Yet every test program is unique. That’s why we developed custom software for data acquisition – the Data Acquisition System (DAS) – to increase efficiency and cost-savings. Our highly trained technicians use our system to monitor and collect data from flight tests, performing data reduction and analysis. DAS also allows us to produce reports on the data required for certification.

Examples of the data we collect and analyze during flight test includes:


  • Stall speeds
  • Takeoff speed schedule (V1 / VR / V2)
  • Takeoff field length
  • Takeoff, final, enroute climb gradients
  • Approach and landing speeds (VREF)
  • Approach and landing climb gradients
  • Landing field lengths


  • Flight loads (strain and/or pressure surveys)
  • Aeroelastic damping (flutter)
  • Vibration
  • Sonic fatigue

Stability and control

  • VMC
  • Maneuver speeds (block speeds)
  • Maneuver margin (initial buffet)
  • Speed stability
  • Static and dynamic stability
  • Trim

FAA part 36 noise standards

  • Field acoustic data
  • EPNL dB levels
  • Aircraft position & performance
  • Takeoff, approach & landing profiles
  • Cutback power
  • Certification noise levels, procedures & weight pairs

Systems and equipment

  • Engine performance
  • Braking performance
  • Autopilot performance and hardovers
  • Stall warning systems
  • Pitot static certification (RSVM)
  • Precipitation-static

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Redefining Efficiency to Keep Your Product on Time

Through our ability to gather data and immediately begin analysis through our custom software, whether at our facility or anywhere in North America with our mobile telemetry abilities, we stay focused on getting your product to market as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Contact us to learn how we can help your project take off.