Customized Software

Efficient flight test operations demand powerful, reliable software, yet every test program and its required data analysis is unique. To increase efficiency and lower costs while meeting each individual project’s needs, AeroTEC’s aerospace software engineers developed our own solutions with a comprehensive set of customizable tools for flight test, data management, and analysis.

Flight Test Planning and Operations Management(TOM)

To enable efficient flight testing, AeroTEC designed custom software for organizing and managing flight test programs. Our test organizer and management (TOM) program is easily customized to any project, and manages test plans, instrumentation, equipment, and documents required from initial test planning through test execution.

TOM’s powerful flight planning module categorizes and logically organizes test conditions to allow efficient flight sequencing. Airplane configuration, fuel burn, and weight and balance are all incorporated to generate an accurate plan and ensure proper test. Configuration and sequence changes are simple and quick, enabling changes minutes before takeoff without costly delays. Automatically generated paperwork ensures flight crews have all the required test information on a few short pages.

Additional TOM Features

  • Requirements management (FARs, EASA Specifications, customer requirements, etc.)
  • Test condition management
  • Risk assessment and mitigation (complies with FAA Order 4040.26B)
  • Flight planning, including sequencing of test conditions and weight and balance
  • Instrumentation planning and status tracking
  • Post-test data management
  • Can be incorporated into your AeroTEC flight test program or licensed for your own use

Reporting Capabilities

  • Automatically generate test plan documents
  • Automatically generate pre-flight and test conduct documentation
  • Automatically generate instrumentation specification documents

Data Acquisition System (DAS)

To meet unique requirements of individual projects, AeroTEC designed custom instrumentation management and data acquisition system (DAS) software. DAS interfaces with and records time-synchronized data from a variety of commercially available instrumentation devices (see list below). Complex operations such as spectral analysis, DSP filtering, and multivariable calculations can all be applied in real-time while everything is controlled and accomplished from one computer, eliminating the need for expensive specialized hardware.

With real-time aircraft display (RAD), DAS can share data in real-time with other computers, allowing for safety of flight monitoring in the flight deck and real-time analysis by engineers. Remote data displays can be customized to meet the needs of flight crew and engineers with a variety of useful indicators such as synthetic strip charts, waterfall charts, or other special gauges. DAS is designed for flexibility, allowing customization for the unique needs of each test program.

Instrumentation Devices Supported By DAS:

  • National Instruments DAQ devices and CAN bus interface
  • Paroscientific and Honeywell pressure transducers
  • Trimble and Ashtech GPS
  • Ballard Technology ARINC databus interface devices
  • Astro-Med strip-chart recorder
  • RM Young wind and weather station
  • Fluke NetDAQ
  • North Atlantic Industries Synchro/Resolver
  • Scanivalve pressure scanner
  • ICS ASCB-C and ASCB-D databus interface devices

Don’t see a device you want used?

We’ll add it. DAS is designed for future growth and AeroTEC’s software development team can add support for additional devices when required.

DataCenter Data Management and Analysis

AeroTEC’s DataCenter data management and analysis software is a data storage system designed for managing aerospace flight test data and enabling that data to be synced and analyzed across multiple sites.


Fast, simple access to data

Test data is stored in SQL Server databases, allowing many users simultaneous quick access.

Synchronize multiple sites

Data is often collected at one location, while data analysts are at different locations. Servers can be configured at each site, automatically synchronizing data between sites.

Prioritized data transfers

Flight test activity generates large quantities of data, and the network connection between sites is often slow, making it a challenge to transfer all of the data. DataCenter automatically prioritizes data so the most important is transferred first, allowing analysts to begin work immediately.

Controlled data storage

Control which users can be individually restricted to read-only access, or can be granted permissions to manipulate or recalibrate all data.

DataCenter Tools

AeroPlot automatically plots and analyzes test data in a consistent, professional format for insertion into flight test reports.

DataCenter Excel Add-In adds dozens of worksheet functions to Excel that provide direct access to the data stored in DataCenter, allowing users to perform multiple types of custom analysis.

Data Handler allows users to import and export data to/from the DataCenter, as well as perform manipulations commonly needed during flight test, such as editing run notes, correcting parameter definitions, and recalibrating/recalculating data.

AeroTEC DataCenter software can be incorporated into your AeroTEC-supported flight test program, or licensed for your own use.

Customized to Benefit You

Contact AeroTEC’s product experts for more information on our customized software and see how it can benefit your program.