Complete Managed Solution

At AeroTEC, we stand out with our holistic, customer focused approach to program management. We don’t just supply engineers and resources to perform the work you require. We offer a complete managed solution. Our project management team ensures your project meets your requirements, completes on schedule, on budget, and on its way to market quickly, easily, and efficiently.

When you entrust your project to AeroTEC, you will work with your own program manager who is ultimately responsible for all AeroTEC deliverables, schedule, and performance, and acts as your primary customer interface for the duration of the project. We are committed to providing you a world-class customer experience.


Your program manager is responsible for understanding exactly what you need and ensuring the people and resources required for your project are available and in place during every step of the process. Working closely with you and your team, your program manager will develop the project statement of work, secure bids for goods and services, measure and identify opportunities to improve the project’s performance, manage issues and mitigate risk, produce reports, and conduct readiness reviews.


Right from the start your program manager will collaborate with you to accurately define your deliverables for program success and provide you an initial roadmap. Using disciplined program management tools and practices, you will have continual visibility of your program’s progress and assurance that all requirements are delivered on time and meeting your expectations. Need to change direction? No problem! We have decades of test environment experience and can quickly accommodate deliverable changes.


Your project manager is the primary line of communication between you and AeroTEC, sending you weekly updates via email or teleconference detailing program accomplishments, upcoming work, risks and risk mitigation activities, schedule performance, and financial performance. Our focus on customer satisfaction is what keeps our customers coming back.

No More Guesswork

With AeroTEC, you’re never left wondering where your project stands in terms of timeline and budget. You have a direct line to one person who has a finger on the pulse of your program and is dedicated to your goals. Contact us to learn how we can make the engineering, testing, and certification process easy and worry-free.