AeroTEC Products for Success

AeroTEC was founded on the belief that you should have a one-stop turnkey partner in helping you get your aerospace product through design, engineering, and certification, and on to market, quickly, efficiently, and on budget. To meet this vision, we have developed in-house hardware and software design capability.  Our software products are aimed at streamlining the certification process and managing certification data. Our hardware design and manufacturing expertise provides for quick-turn solutions to keep your test and certification program on-track.


Each product is different and often there is a need for special equipment to conduct required testing. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to rapidly design and manufacture equipment in-house, keeping product testing on schedule and on budget.


We designed our proprietary software to best work with our efficient processes in flight test, data acquisition, data analysis, and reporting. Use our software in your AeroTEC-run flight test, or license it to use on your own.


Our design software and multiple machining and tooling capabilities allow us to manage manufacturing in-house of such products as special test equipment, prototypes, wind and ice models, and even limited light manufacturing production items.