Means of Compliance

Ensuring Efficient Compliance

Our experts in compliance definition and reporting and FAA conformity requirements management skillfully navigate the regulatory processes, ensuring efficient progress through testing and certification. This includes requirements management at system and aircraft level, with proper linkages to other Certification elements through the latest requirements management tools, following the industry standard V&V process.


Compliance Reporting

AeroTEC provides a vast number of reports required by the FAA and other aeronautics agencies for all required testing in the areas of performance, stability and control, FAA Part 36 Noise Standards, systems, and equipment and structures. Our reports also include the FAA 8110-3 Statement of Compliance.

FAA Conformity

AeroTEC engineers have experience executing FAA Forms 8130-9, Statement of Conformity, as well as FAA Form 8120-10, Request for Conformity, in order to ensure conformity is maintained throughout an aircraft flight test program. We also have access to a number of DARs to support experimental ticketing and conformity inspections, no matter where your program is executed.

Ease of Compliance

Contact us to learn more about the steps we take to ensure complete efficient movement through compliance and conformity requirements throughout your certification.