Going Beyond Basics With High Value Instrumentation Services

AeroTEC offers the full suite of instrumentation services to support your certification requirements. Our vast instrumentation experience includes design, installation, calibration, test operation and post-test data management.

Instrumentation Plans

Our centralized instrumentation planning program defines required analog and digital measurements for data collection in the test plan and identifies each piece of instrumentation needed to collect that data.

Instrumentation Systems

At AeroTEC, we offer scalable instrumentation system solutions, ranging from stand-alone dataloggers to cabin display consoles with distributed network data acquisition. We measure and record data in all environments from simple cabin interiors to remote locations in the wing, engine and empennage. We are highly experienced in the setup of equipment from top equipment providers, including National Instruments, Teletronics Technology Company (TTC), Scanivalve, Quasonix and others. We’ve used our expert setup and installation experience to provide optimized, cost-effective data collection in several common flight test areas:

  • Performance
  • Controllability and maneuverability
  • Trim
  • Stability
  • Stalls
  • Ground and water handling characteristics
  • Vibration and buffeting
  • High speed and out-of-trim characteristics

Basic System Capabilities

  • ARINC-429, ARINC-717, ASCB-C/-D Databus monitoring
  • Precision air data (nose boom, trailing cone)
  • Accelerometers (low frequency and wideband)
  • Acoustics (sonic fatigue, cabin acoustics, FAR part 36)
  • Space positioning (DGPS, IRU)
  • Flight control positions and control forces
  • Engine parameters (analog, EEC, DEEC, FADEC, rakes)
  • Temperature, pressure, strain surveys
  • Gross weight, fuel quantity, C.G. tracking
  • Weather data telemetry
  • High speed HD video
  • Telemetry

Strain Instrumentation

We offer calibrated and compensated gage installations to test the following conditions:

  • Wing and empennage loads
  • Control forces
  • Load bearing access doors
  • Slat rails, flap tracks, actuators
  • Custom load cells
  • Special applications
  • High temp, composites, titanium
  • High frequency strain (vibe, fatigue)

Talk to our experts

Of course, if you require testing in an area not mentioned above, our engineers will work with you to perform the appropriate test and gather the required data.

Contact us to learn more about how our instrumentation services can help your project take off.