Flight Test

Working Behind the Scenes to Ensure Flight Test Success

At AeroTEC, we make a successful flight test look easy. In reality, it takes a great deal of planning, preparation, world-class engineering skill, and the right tools and processes all working smoothly together to conduct safe, efficient, and successful tests.

AeroTEC has capability in simulation (CFD) to model aerodynamic and handling qualities, and deep technical expertise in complex flight testing activities. Using the latest, cutting edge tools, including many that we develop in-house, gathering and reducing huge volumes of data into packets of relevant, targeted information is our raison d’etre. We are able to navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements for aircraft handling qualities and performance, such as buffet penetration, max speed and altitude limits, air data systems and RVSM compliance, icing, abuse take offs and Minimum Velocity envelope corners, flutter and all Part 23 and 25 Flight Sciences activities.

Depth of Experience

Our engineers have an unparalleled depth of experience in the industry – we have experts that have worked at all the major OEMs and many smaller manufacturers, helping certify and flight test all manner of aircraft. This means we have engineers that have supported every type of flight test activity conceivable, whether it is a small STC for a minor aerodynamic change, or a full Type Cert program for an all new aircraft. Examples of highly specialized testing that our team has supported include:

  • Hot & Cold Weather (both in climatic chambers and natural conditions)
  • Water Ingestion
  • HIRF
  • High Altitude Airport Operations
  • Cross Wind
  • Steep Approach
  • Community Noise
  • Flutter
  • Smoke Ingestion
  • Engine Operability
  • System Failures
  • Avionics Testing: TCAS, TAWS, FMS, Autopilot, Navigation, Communication
  • Hot Fuel Testing
  • Max KE Brake Testing

Dedicated Engineering Support

Our team of Flight Test Support Engineers handle every aspect of a safe and efficient test campaign:

  • Test planning (including special test equipment, test setup, risk management, and so on)
  • Aircraft Configuration Changes and associated engineering documentation
  • Live monitoring of critical parameters during test (either on board or via telemetry)
  • Data Analysis post test to confirm integrity and test pass/fail status
  • Troubleshooting aircraft issues
  • Test Reports
  • Flight Operations Restriction Management
  • Experimental Aircraft Maintenance Program

Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs)

AeroTEC maintains a list of on-staff and contract designated engineering representatives (DERs) to ensure efficient movement through certification, regardless of where your testing takes place.

Special Test Equipment

It is common for unique projects to require unique test equipment to capture the data required during flight test. Our FAA-designated parts manufacturer approval (PMA) allows us to design and manufacture special test equipment to meet this need. Learn more about our manufacturing here.


AeroTEC offers flexible metrology services for NIST traceable calibration, high-resolution parts inspection, and customizable characterization of sensors and equipment. These services are available to support current flight test programs, or as a stand-alone service to customers.

Test Lease Aircraft

We have access to a number of lease aircraft for installing and testing products as well as for use as a chase aircraft for a number of functions including photography and/or video recording.

The Complete Package

Our in-house tools, expertise, and equipment allow us to maintain control over your project, keeping it on time and on budget. Contact us to learn more about all the ways we work behind the scenes to help your product reach for the skies.