The Power of People

At AeroTEC, we believe our people are the core of our success. We employ engineers, test pilots, mechanics, technicians, and a range of valuable support people, all with the vast experience required to ensure the success of your project.

Flight Test Engineers

Our flight test engineering team offers an expansive range of experience including category 1 and category 2 envelope expansion and systems flight testing. Many are test pilot school graduates from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and National Test Pilot School and several have direct OEM experience for companies including Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier, Cessna, and HondaJet. Additionally, the majority of our engineers are qualified to act as test directors.

Test Pilots

AeroTEC is proud to employ some of the most experienced test pilots in the aerospace industry. Every last one has category 1 envelope expansion experience and have performed high-risk testing. The vast majority hold FAA DER status and are test pilot school graduates (some of which even flew and tested fighter jets). Our test pilot team also has extensive OEM experience at companies including Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier, and Cessna and is experienced in both fixed wing and rotor wing flight testing.

Instrumentation Team

The instrumentation team at AeroTEC includes instrumentation engineers, technicians, lab services personnel, programmers, and telemetry, data collection, and data management personnel. Together the members of this team offer extensive OEM experience, including Bell Helicopter, Boeing and Bombardier, with expertise in strain gauge application and calibration, inlet rakes, and pressure belts. Additionally, the team has expertise in TCC and National Instruments data acquisition and flight test instrumentation products.

Experience is Everything

At AeroTEC, not only do our core teams have vast backgrounds in aerospace, aerospace testing, and certification, but also our company has a pretty impressive record itself. Just take a look at the projects we’ve delivered in recent years.

Program Experience

  • Mitsubishi MRJ 200 Type Certification Support
  • Kodiak Engine Exhaust Modification
  • B737-700IGW/BBJ Scimitar Winglet
  • B737-900ER Scimitar Winglet
  • B737-800 Scimitar Winglet
  • MD87 Fire Bomber
  • CASA-295 Special Missions Aircraft
  • Lear 60 Aft Fuselage Locker
  • Large Satcom Antenna
  • A319
  • A320
  • A340
  • B737-BBJ
  • B737-500
  • B737-800
  • B737-900ER
  • B747-400
  • B757-200
  • B767-300
  • B767-400
  • B777-200
  • B777-200 LR
  • B777-300
  • RR Flying Test Bed Instrumentation Upgrade
  • Citation Sovereign 680 winglet
  • King Air 90 Performance Improvement Package
  • Hawker 400 Winglet
  • COMAC ARJ21 Type Certification Support
  • Falcon 50 Winglet
  • King Air 250 Performance Improvement Package
  • Falcon 900 Winglet
  • A320 Winglet
  • B747-8 Engine Instrumentation
  • Falcon 2000 Winglet
  • B737-NG Large Satcom Antenna
  • B767-300 Winglet
  • B757-300 Winglet
  • B737-500 Winglet
  • B747-400 Carbon Brake
  • B757-200 Winglet
  • B737-300 JSF (F35) Avionics Test Bed
  • Hawker 800 Winglet
  • Regional Jet Brake FAA Certification
  • Gulfstream GII/GIII Hushkit
  • B757-200 PAX to Freighter
  • B737-300 Winglet

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Furthermore, many of our principal engineers participated on the following projects:

  • Hamilton / Wagner 727-200 Static Port Certification
  • Airweld C-9 Stage III Hushkit
  • DC-8 RVSM Certification
  • B777-200 & B737 Next Generation Type Cert Support
  • Beech 1900D Belly Radar Pod (Military)
  • BFG 727-200 Brake Certification
  • Bombardier C-series
  • B787 Dreamliner
  • Rohr “Super 27” Stage III 727-200 Re-engine
  • Raisbeck Learjet 35/36 Aft Body Locker & Strakes
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Icing Recertification
  • Mitsubishi MU-2 Improvements
  • Nordam 737-200 Stage III Hushkit

Experienced Leadership

Learn more about our highly experienced leadership who set the high bar for all we do here at AeroTEC.