Serious Engineering

At AeroTEC, we’re dedicated to engineering your success. Your one-stop engineering partner, we’ve developed a strong and effective suite of world-class engineering services, tools, and processes designed to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively move your product through certification. Our highly skilled aerospace engineers are serious about solving challenging problems and meeting tight deadlines from design to certification. Getting your product to market is all in a day’s work. We make it look easy. (But seriously, it’s not.)

Flight Test Support

Our engineering team ensures all behind the scenes work is perfect for your product’s flight test, from test planning to manufacturing specialized flight test equipment.

Flight Sciences

Our extensive proprietary software and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to gather, track, analyze, and store a variety of quantifiable data during ground and flight tests.

Design Engineering

Our deeply experienced aerospace engineers are available to assist with your design, ensuring success from the first step.

Advanced Simulation

Our advanced computer design and simulation software allows us to cost-effectively optimize design and analysis before fully testing actual products.