In-house Engineering and Design

At AeroTEC, we believe to properly support testing and certification you must have the ability to design and engineer in house. We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly respond with design modifications or unanticipated instrumentation equipment requirements to get your program back in the air on the path to certification. We offer the capability to assist with initial product development, including mechanical and electrical engineering design, as well as tooling and light manufacturing, allowing us to partner with you on the success of your product.

Design and Production Services

Our comprehensive engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us the unique ability to assist our customers in initial product design, prototype manufacturing, test model creation, and even light, limited-quantity manufacturing.

Our design and production services include: Rapid Prototyping, Critical Flight Test Support Equipment, Avionics Instruments and Test Equipment and Wind Tunnel Models.

Your Engineering and Design Partner

By offering the ability to design and manufacture in-house, we can control costs and timing, helping ensure we get your product to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Contact us to learn how our in-house processes can help your product soar.