Certification with Integrity

At AeroTEC, our ultimate goal is to successfully bring your project through the certification process, ensuring your efficient and timely entrance into the market. We begin the journey with a certification plan and work throughout the engineering and testing processes to ensure conformity full compliance with the expectations of the certifying authority, including conformity reports, test reports, analysis reports and more.

Our designated engineering representatives (DERs) and designated airworthiness representatives (DARs) step in to help keep your project on schedule as our engineers and technicians ensure all reports, documentation, and even a full set of FAA-approved flight manuals are completed when needed.

Certification Plans

Our project specific certification plans outlines a quick and efficient path to certification. Our skilled and highly experienced team outlines every step in the plan, including providing regulatory meeting coordination and support.

Means of Compliance and Requirements Management

Our experts in compliance reporting and FAA conformity skillfully navigate the regulatory processes, ensuring efficient progress through testing and certification. This includes requirements management at system and aircraft level, with proper linkages to other Certification elements through the latest requirements management tools, following the industry standard V&V process.

DER Services

AeroTEC’s on staff and contract DERs are available every step of the way, regardless of testing locations, to manage conformity requirements and inspections.