Innovative Aerospace Geeks Welcome

If you love aerospace and have a passion for collaborative problem solving, a focus on detail, and a can-do attitude, you’re going to love it here. At AeroTEC, you have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger – helping new aerospace innovations and brand new aircraft designs move from concept to a flying reality. You get to say: “I helped build that!”

Openly Collaborative

We are an innovative company, constantly evolving to meet new challenges and actively seek solutions for our customers. We strive to create a high functioning, casual, and collaborative environment offering you opportunities for professional growth and innovation. You’ll be a part of a tightly knit team that communicates, strategizes, and problem solves major technical issues together, helping ensure our customers’ projects get to market quickly, efficiently and on budget. Our work is demanding, exciting, and rewarding, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment.

Your Coworkers, Just Like You

AeroTEC’s core professional team includes hundreds of highly experienced aerospace engineers, instrumentation technicians, A&P mechanics, test pilots, software engineers, and valuable support staff who work hard, play hard, and genuinely care about each other. We are deadline-oriented professionals who believe in excellence, teamwork, and integrity.

Benefits in Aerospace

We care about and believe in nurturing our people. We foster leaders who want to develop and mentor their employees, offering opportunities and training to further enhance the team’s skills. At AeroTEC, you’ll enjoy a supportive, unique, and fun work environment as well as a complete package of benefits that includes 100% medical & dental coverage, optional vision plan, performance based pay and a retirement plan.


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Ready to Take Off?

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