Wind Tunnel Model Design, Fabrication & Testing

Being cutting edge in the aerospace market doesn’t just happen. It takes extensive research and development along with a lot of hard work. AeroTEC understands that simulations only get you so far and then you need to test and validate your work. Wind tunnel testing is an integral part of this process but is sometimes overlooked due to the cost or time required. AeroTEC has the tools and engineering expertise to make this essential step feasible by being able to design, manufacture, and test our customers concepts. We can design and manufacture wind tunnel models for nearly any wind tunnel facility but prefer to utilize the University of Washington’s Kirstin Wind Tunnel (UWAL) whenever possible. Many of AeroTEC’s staff are very experienced wind tunnel test engineers and can lead the test program as well as the model design and build process.

AeroTEC is one of the most professional organizations we have ever worked with.