Computer Aided Design, Simulation, and Manufacturing

AeroTEC has a host of design and simulation tools including CAD, CAM, computational fluid dynamic and finite element analysis software to aid in the design and analysis process.


Our services including instrumentation design, fabrication and installation kits, mechanical design, detail and assembly drawings, and wiring harnesses. Having an integrated tool set significantly speeds up the process of design and analysis.


AeroTEC uses Unigraphics NX for 3, 4, and 5 axis manufacturing. AeroTEC can program g-code for a wide variety of CNC equipment.


Our primary CFD tool is STAR-CCM+, Cd-Adapco’s flag ship simulation tool. AeroTEC’s engineers have years of experience with STAR-CCM+ that allows for efficient use of the tool. Our main focus is external aerodynamic CFD analysis but we also have experience in a wide variety of simulations. AeroTEC has an in-house computer cluster with a high speed network for quick turn-around of simulations.


AeroTEC relies on FEMAP with NX Nastran for FEM analysis. FEMAP ties in directly with Unigraphics NX which also allows for efficient design cycle simulations so you get the answers you need quickly. We have experience in linear and non-linear static and transient analysis.