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Flight Test Planning and Operations Management Software

To enable efficient flight testing, AeroTEC has developed custom software for organizing and managing flight test programs. TOM (Test Organizer and Manager) is designed to be easily customized to any program, and is able to manage requirements, test conditions, and instrumentation from initial test planning through test execution.


  • Requirements management (FARs, EASA Specifications, customer requirements, etc.)
  • Test Condition management
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation (complies with FAA Order 4040.26B)
  • Flight planning, including sequencing of test conditions and weight & balance
  • Instrumentation planning and status tracking
  • Post-Test Data management

Reporting Capabilities:

  • Automatically generate Test Plan documents
  • Automatically generate Pre-Flight and Test Conduct documentation
  • Automatically generate Instrumentation Specification documents

One of the most powerful features of TOM is the Flight Planning module. Test conditions are categorized and logically organized in a database to allow efficient flight sequencing. Airplane configuration, fuel burn, and weight & balance are all incorporated to generate an accurate plan and ensure that test conditions are conducted properly. Configuration and sequence changes are simple and quick, enabling changes minutes before takeoff without costly delays. Automatically-generated paperwork ensures that flight crew has all of the test information on a few short pages.

TOM can be incorporated into your AeroTEC-supported Flight Test Program, or licensed for your own use. For more information or a quote, please call us at 206-763-6087.