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Data Management and Analysis Software

AeroTEC has developed custom software for managing and analyzing aerospace flight test data.

DataCenter Data Managment and Analysis Software is a data storage system that solves the many challenges of dealing with flight test data:

  • Fast, simple access to test data – Data is stored in SQL Server databases, allowing many users simultaneous, quick access to data.
  • Synchronize Multiple Sites – Data is often collected at one location, while data analysts are at a different location. A DataCenter Server can be configured at each site, and the servers will automatically synchronize data between sites. This means that analysts can work with data at any site.
  • Prioritized Data Transfers – Flight test activity generates large quantities of data, and the network connection between sites is often slow making it a challenge to transfer all of the data. DataCenter automatically prioritizes data so that the most important data is transferred first. This way, analysts at remote sites can begin working with test data often within a few minutes of when the data is imported at another site.
  • Controlled data storage – Users can be individually restricted to read-only access, or can be granted permissions to manipulate or recalibrate data.

DataCenter Tools are a set of software applications that analysts can use to access and manipulate flight test data:

  • AeroPlot is a program for plotting and analyzing test data, and for creating report-ready charts. AeroPlot automatically plots data in a consistent, professional format designed to be easily inserted into Flight Test reports.
  • DataCenter Excel Add-In is a program which runs when Microsoft Excel starts, and adds functionality to Excel. The Add-In adds dozens of worksheet functions to Excel that provide direct access to the data stored in DataCenter, allowing users to perform any type of custom analysis.
  • Data Handler is a program which allows users to import and export data to/from the DataCenter, as well as perform manipulations commonly needed during flight test, such as editing run notes, correcting parameter definitions, and recalibrating/recalculating data.

AeroTEC DataCenter software can be incorporated into your AeroTEC-supported Flight Test Program, or licensed for your own use. For more information or a quote, please call us at 206-763-6087.